Web-based Trading Room for Professionals

  • White Label!
  • HD Screen-Sharing with no lag!
  • Desktop or Mobile
  • Mobile trade alerts
  • Web based HTML5, No Flash, No Downloads
  • Custom integrations on your site
  • Branding, Recording, Webinars, Stats, and more...
Rooms are encrypted & secured

All communications use encryption.

Encrypted video, audio, and text

Cloud Based

No software to install, update, or maintain.

Presenters and Users log in from their web enabled devices

Runs from the web browser. No Flash! No Java!. Pure HTML5 solution.

There is no expensive hardware or software to buy.

Real user comments after switching to ProTradingRoom:

Looks way cleaner and sounds great!

WOW absolutely no Lag!

Crisper charts!

The audio quality is so much better!

Yes! Way better than Omnovia

PC resources much healthier. Webinato slowed me right down!

I like it a lot more!

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Connect to the trading room from mobile devices

ProTradingRoom works from the mobile browser on Android, iOS, and other devices.

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